"Philip K. Dick meets Kill Bill... a sci-fi action tale filled with fights, skill, movie love, a major respect for 80s cinema and strong, badass female warriors everywhere"

-Jason Sheppard


"A 15 minute action film screaming for
another 75 minutes around it."

-Unseen Films


"A wild action-packed film with brutal, realistic and
energetic fights, where everybody kicks ass.”

-Shortie Film Review


"Really cool action packed thriller full of chases, fights and shoot-outs, all beautifully staged and breathlessly paced”

-Search My Trash

"...Captivating visuals, gracefully holding up and portraying the power and impact of the very thing that sent guns firing. The irony of people losing their lives both in and because of its absence as well as presence is played up with beautiful precision."
-Indie Shorts Mag

"In less than 16 minutes, this film manages to make a gripping statement on the futility of war... timeless in its message."

-SN Travel


"Fist-flying action and some very impressive
and believable effects."

-Beeston Film Festival

"This is brilliant work, the money well spent and smart choices made in telling this story.."

-Jimmy Star's World


"This film has more fight sequences and punches than you're going to be able to count! ... The manner in which Yalalia
reacts to the attacks of Earth’s soldiers is everything one
could have wanted from her character.“

-Kids First

"A one-two punch of emotion and theme. I found in it all the elements of films that I appreciate: an emotionally strong story, a powerful controlling idea, and characters with agency."

-25 Years Later